On writing.

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On writing.

Writing Is hard. Good writing is harderer. And actually sitting down to write is the harderest. But in the words of the inconflatible Dr Seuss, “will you succeed? Yes you will indeed, 98 and 3/4 % guaranteed.” so theres a vague margin for success there, or at least in this verse I retread in my head before putting digits to touch screen.

Ahem, yes I’m writing on an iPad. And it’s kinda working. Scattershot and smudgy. Like Jazz or pan flute, you never know what’s going to be autocorrected into something awesome.

I’m writing a screenplay. Or I was writing it… Now I’m kinda oozing it. And not in the good way that leads to Ninja Turtles. I’m its slave, and as much as I beg for mercy, it will not tell me how to bridge its middle to its end.

I will get there today. But it will involve at least 4 coffees, 2 showers, 1 walk and a miracle. Wish me luck, for where I’m going we don’t need roads…. …maybe a bike path.

The new site (and blog) are up!

Hello and welcome to the all new Matthew Snyman website.

It’s like a brand new pair of fancy shoes that make you look good at running, except you know… for video production. I hope to actively use this blog as a tool for good.

I intend to post fairly regularly about the goings on and the to-ings and fro-ings of my world. But if wishes and dreams were something something something, we’d all be rich.

So in that spirit I saw Hoorah and Huzzah and Howdy and Hello. Enjoy the films, they were made to be enjoyed.

This image is awesome. Don’t know who made it, but I feel it sums up the spirit of what i’m trying to get across here rather well. Also Calvin and Hobbes!

Steal like an Artist



Cardboard Dreams and Driving Machines

There is something supremely satisfying about making a video. It’s like scratching an itch that’s somewhere on the inside of your skull. At least for me. With this project I feel I well and truly scratched that itch.

The project in question was a competition video for Chevrolet Cars. There’s not a lot of them here in the UK, but I hear they’re rather sizeable stateside.

Anyway the competition was to make them an Ad that could run on the Superbowl (another American thing). Which i’m sad to say, is not actually a gigantically   over-sized bowl, or even anything to do with bowls for that matter.

But I digress, we made an Ad. And it was good. And it got into the final round of the competition. Which is also good. Then we didn’t win, which wasn’t so good. But there was some great competition from some very talented filmmakers who were also scratching big itches.

Then I made a directors cut, which is better (‘cause it’s longer.) and I’ve posted that here. Also I’ve included a ‘making of’ video below, where you can see all the toil and hotdogs required to make such brain scratching video type things.

A deep heart-felt kind of thanks to the following lovely people for helping scratch that itch. Lets do it again sometime. Possibly with less cardboard.

Actors: Anna Scott, Will Kenning, Andrew Gilbert, Beatrice Peer

Producer – Rob Jelly

DOP – Edmund Curtis

Gaffer – James Karinejad

Sound – Tom Godfrey

MakeUp – Emma Slater

2nd Ad – Sam Whitehouse

Documentary – Madlen Nicolaus

Catering – Peter Snyman

Location – Gillian Bannister