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I was employee number one at Curve and on the founding team. As Head of Design I crafted the entire brand story – from the brand identity, the logo, the app, the card and the packaging, as well as all marketing assets. As the business grew so did my role, I was on the leadership team and led the creation of some of their standout features like Go Back in Time and Curve Rewards.

My day-to-day at Curve included working across Product and Marketing to create all screens for App development, working directly with developers and product managers to deliver and ideate features and plans. I also created all advertising and video content and physical product development for the cards and packaging. I managed, worked with, and hired external agencies and partners to deliver on our goals, be it sourcing metal cards in South Korea or web development in Mauritius! I worked closely with the CEO building pitch and presentation decks, telling the story of Curve and helping shape the future of the business.

Curve currently has over 3 million users across Europe and is soon to launch in the US. It currently has almost 500 employees. Curve has won numerous awards, and has been App of the Day on the App store, and has been featured in articles by the New York Times, Wired, Forbes, TechCrunch, and the WallStreet Journal.

Curve is a FinTech company in London, that is on a mission to simplify the way people spend, send, see and save money. Their product brings your entire wallet into a single card and app with some amazing features like flexible credit, the ability to move transactions from one card to another (Go back in TimeTM) and great FX and cashback rewards.

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Curve: Work
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