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Two animations, a couple of vines, a prize, and a book tour.

I realise I haven’t updated this blog in quite some time, but I’ve been pretty busy.

Both personally and professionally!

So I thought I’d throw all the things I should have blogged about into one post.

Lets go to the animations first. This is a video for an online accounting company called Kashflow, produced by Ralph Cochrane @ The Creative Grid. Their style was really relaxed and I followed the quirkiness of their previous videos. I think it came out rather well.

New and improved KashFlow from KashFlow on Vimeo.

And then to something equally animatey but rather different. I was approached to create an animation for the first ever all-women team in the around the world Volvo Ocean Race (racing on the SCA boat). The brief was to create something feminine and interesting to detail their stops as they make their way around the world. I think it feels quite feminine, hopefully you agree. This was produced by Nick Hopkins @ Wing.

Now onto vines. I had the great opportunity thanks to The Creative Grid  to work on Pepsi Max’s latest UK videos as a ‘Viner’ and photographer. The vines have been put on outdoor display ads and one was even up in Canary Wharf, which is pretty cool. But I also got to take some great photographs, including this one, which Pepsi used on their Damien Walters loop the loop video

Then the prize! The Dementia Diaries, the lovely book I’ve had the privilege of producing with KCC, SILK and families who live with Dementia, was highly commended at this year’s NHS Innovation Awards. Not bad considering it’s a children’s book and most of the other award winners were Hospitals or commissioning units! Here’s two photos that just about sum up the experience:

We also took some great meetings to help build on this success and get the book rolled out across the planet!

Speaking of which, this week we went to the Midt region of Denmark on a book tour with the Dementia Diaries. It was myself and Emma from SILK and we were hosted by the Social Innovation Unit, MitdLab. It was great  to see how people in a completely different country respond to the stories and messages in the book. A local school even performed a Danish version of the Brain Cell Boogie for one of our Care Home visits. You can see that here:

Next steps are to translate the book into Danish and develop our expansion across the rest of the World. Watch this space! This little book is changing lives!

And that’s about all that’s been going on recently work wise. There’s a few other projects I can’t talk about right now that are incredibly awesome, and I hope to share them with you in a subsequent blog at the appropriate time. ;)

The Dementia Diaries Project

Just recently we had the launch of my book, The Dementia Diaries.

It’s a book for young people about dementia and what it is, in a language they can relate to.  It follows four young people: FRED, BREE, SAM and SARAH as they learn about their grandparents’ dementia, and chronicle it in their diaries. It’s filled with illustrations and drawings, each in a specific style depending on the different young person. It was a lot of fun to produce. I could talk ad-nauseum about the process, but why don’t you just watch this documentary I made instead:

Right in the feelings! This has been without a doubt, a labor of love for everyone involved. The goal of changing the way Dementia is perceived is a great one, and I hope that in our own little way we can spread some understanding of what dementia is, and how to act around it. We even put together this musical video (song by Tom Godfrey aka Busker Rhymes) to help publicize the book. It’s called The Braincell Boogie. You can watch it here:

It’s working too! As you can see from the coverage from the BBC!

So far the book has been really well received, and it’s spreading! By now it should be in almost every school in Kent and Surrey. And hopefully soon even further afield. I felt I needed to put down in words and images, so you can see the process. This has been the highlight of my career so far. I never thought I could do good for the world with my little videos and scribbles.

So here’s to doing more good!

Thanks to the SILK team at the Kent County Council for letting me do this, and to all the families we interviewed. This has been quite an adventure.


Using animation to help teach!

Today was a good day! My animation for TED Ed finally went live!

It is all about the history of Optics and is charmingly read by Educator Eva Timothy. I basically made moving pictures for her brain-moving words. You can find the results at

On the site you can also watch other animated lessons, and by the end of your internet-browsing-day, you may even have learnt something! TED Ed is a wonderful resource for parents, students, teachers and life-long-learners alike. It gives access to some great educators and some fab animation. I can’t recommend it highly enough, and I am honored to have contributed a video to this great educational movement.

So what are you reading this for? Go learn something!


The new site (and blog) are up!

Hello and welcome to the all new Matthew Snyman website.

It’s like a brand new pair of fancy shoes that make you look good at running, except you know… for video production. I hope to actively use this blog as a tool for good.

I intend to post fairly regularly about the goings on and the to-ings and fro-ings of my world. But if wishes and dreams were something something something, we’d all be rich.

So in that spirit I saw Hoorah and Huzzah and Howdy and Hello. Enjoy the films, they were made to be enjoyed.

This image is awesome. Don’t know who made it, but I feel it sums up the spirit of what i’m trying to get across here rather well. Also Calvin and Hobbes!