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What’s the haps

Okay so what’s news in the world of Matt? What’s hip, what’s happening? Etc. etc.

I’ll start with the nearly recent and work my way towards the slightly future. If you’ve followed this blog at all, you’ll have read that I’ve been diligently waiting for a Black Magic Cinema camera…Well, i’m still waiting. They’re – still – having problems with sensor glass or China or some such, so I have not yet made my very epic film that I intend to make with it. However, the Dodo that will star in the very epic film is coming along in leaps and bounds:

Starting to look like a long extinct bird of myth, right? Looking forward to finishing him over the holidays and getting this film into gear! (pending camera arrival date)


Okay next. In other news, I didn’t win with that Little Big Planet video posted below! I know right, it’s awesome. Oh well. How do I like them apples? I really don’t. So skipping right ahead, and also landing at this rather fortuitous low point was the news that my script, “The Whaler’s Daughter” has placed in the TOP 5 in the Final Draft Big Break Screenplay competition. Which is awesome. There were over 4000 entries. That means I can write things good! It also means in the next week or so, I’ll find out whether I made the top 3 (yeah they really like to draw this out) which means a trip to LA in Feb to meet with Hollywood types. Which is good. Definitely good. Said Hollywood types are currently reading the script and deciding if i’m worth the plane fare. So watch this space!

Next up, if you scroll way down the page you’ll see a picture of an egg with two googly eyes.  Well that film is finally going to get seen. Here:


The Machinima Interactive Film Festival! In LA starting on Friday. Check it out if you’re around. It’s a fun little video with a great company and I look forward to adding it to my site in due course. One of my old favorites, “Blaze Fury Man of Fire” will also be playing at a film festival in Guayaquil, Ecuador:

Thanks to my buddy Enrico Martin for the hook up. That will start this weekend too! So if you’re in Guayaquil/Los Angeles this weekend, and have a weird urge to see a Matt film in some sort of semi-social viewing experience, you’ve never had a better chance!


So now I’m going to go and wait for things to happen. Either camera or script news. Perhaps I’ll do it on a chair. Who knows. The world is full of adventure.