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New camera please.

Today is the 14th of August 2012, this was the week my new camera was going to arrive. Alas, it has not arrived. But then, it hasn’t arrived anywhere yet. I like to think it’s sitting on a warehouse shelf somewhere Down Under, just waiting, nay wishing to get shipped my way. It’s like I’m 7 again, waiting for Christmas morning…

It goes by the name “Black Magic Cinema Camera” and I believe that it will be shipped to resellers sometime this week, after it gets the okay on some of its codec and thunderbolt permissions. I understand that if you’re reading this and are not a camera nerd, then this whole thing really reads like nonsense. Black Magic… thunderbolt permissions… Harry Potter? These are good things. Not quite magical, but definitely good.

And this camera is most definitely a good thing. 2.5k resolution, 12 bit RAW fileformat and a shiny form factor. You can make a feature on this for less than the cost of an affordable car. A cinematic feature that looks very good on a very large screen. Sure there are some negatives, but in this case those negatives are not really an issue (in my opinion). I was a very early adopter of the 5D mark2 when it came out, back when it was still auto exposure! And I made similar grandiose statements. That camera kept me going for four years. Or rather it took four years for it to be improved upon. But it’s happened, and now I can’t wait to see how far that improvement goes.

They sent it out to an Aussie DOP John Brawley ( He’s been the only source of footage for this camera:

And here:

It’s exciting to see. Now I just need to get my hands on it and shoot something!!!

Here are the specs: