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This little film has played all over the world starting in 2008. It’s had quite a run. Over 20 festivals and 2 travelling festivals.

Fun Fact: I’d like to turn this into a feature one day.


Who says you can’t be friends with a giant goldfish?!


When a lonely young boy catches a mysterious goldfish while fishing on the lake, no one is prepared for what lies within. The boy’s troubled home life, leads to an emotion bond with the goldfish, based at least in part, on their similar circumstances. But when the goldfish starts doubling in size after every meal, the boy finds it increasingly difficult to keep his new friend a secret. Buy a copy! here.

Directed by: Matthew Snyman
Written by: Matthew Snyman
Produced by: Matthew Snyman


The Boy: David Godfrey
The grown up Boy: Tom Godfrey
Mother: Kit Richardson
Father: Andy Cooper


Visual Effects Supervisor:Jason Snyman
Cinematographer: Matthew Snyman
Editor: Matthew Snyman