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A lighthearted singalong for young people about dealing with dementia.

Based on the book, and featuring the characters from The Dementia Diaries by Matthew Snyman.

The Dementia Diaries is the result of the Prime Minister’s challenge on dementia. A challenge to change people’s understanding of dementia. To raise awareness across the UK.

This book follows four young people dealing with dementia in their grandparents, we follow their diaries as they hear of the diagnosis, all the way through to the end. The book looks at dementia from the perspective of a young person, and as such is full of hope and fun and deep understanding. Adapted from interviews with young carers across Kent, the Dementia Diaries’ end goal, is to raise awareness of dementia among young people in a way that’s fun, shareable and life-affirming.

Brought to you by SILK (Social Innovation Lab Kent), KCC, and the NHS.

Animated by Matthew Snyman.
Music by Tom Godfrey (aka Busker Rhymes)